Eclipse run configuration for appengine python project

Main Module: C:\Program Files\Google\google_appengine\
Arguments: "${project_loc}/src"

Using PowerShell to convert upper case string to lower case

FTP User Isolation in IIS 6.0

Zipping large file with winrar

It took around 6 hours to zip 21.5 GB file and resulting rar file size is 4GB. It took around 18 minutes to extract zipped file. The file is a SQL server database backup.

Test Webservice with GUI

Converting file length into User friendly format (GB, MB, KB, Bytes)

Use following function to convert file length in bytes to user friendly format

private string FormatByteSize(long length)
const int KB = 1024;
const int MB = 1024 * KB;
const int GB = 1024 * MB;
if (length > GB)
return (length / GB).ToString("0.00") + " GB";
else if (length > MB)
return (length / MB).ToString("0.00") + " MB";
else if (length > KB)
return (length / KB).ToString("0.00") + " KB";
return length.ToString()+" Bytes";

Silverlight Calculator

Calculator built using silverlight

Source Code can be found here

Silverlight Error handling at user control level

When you are developing user control in Silverlight you might want to handle all errors for that user control at one place. For handling all errors at one place you have to subscribe to event
UnhandledException of the App class
  public partial class Page : UserControl

public Page()



App.Current.UnhandledException += new EventHandler(Current_UnhandledException);


void Current_UnhandledException(object sender, ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs e)


//handle exception here. like showing a message box




A good article explaining difference between RAM & ROM

Main differences are (taken from article)
RAM: very fast, but burns a lot of power.
ROM: much slower, but burns very little power.
Importantly, RAM needs a constant supply of power for it to remember its data. ROM doesn't. In other words, if your batteries die, you'll lose the stuff in RAM, but the stuff in ROM will still be there.